Access to Elite Talent

At Cullinan Search, we understand that the best talent are often not actively searching job boards or applying to online postings.

Why organizations use our services

Our proactive approach almost guarantees that your organization can swiftly identify and secure the perfect fit for your specific role, saving valuable time and in turn saving costs in the process.

Engaging with us offers a more efficient solution.

We recognize the frustration that companies may face when they dedicate substantial time to the traditional hiring process, receiving numerous online applications that ultimately don't align with their requirements.

Our approach revolves around proactively reaching out to these high-caliber individuals to gauge their interest and suitability for specific roles.

These exceptional candidates are typically sought after directly by us, leveraging our extensive network and large database of top-tier talent.

Clients who partner with us at the outset of their search often save significant time and resources via a streamlined process that yeilds exceptional outcomes, benefiting from a priceless database of elite contacts in our talent pool right from the start which may otherwise remain hidden.

We are customer service obsessed

Our customer-centric philosophy serves as the cornerstone of our approach, fostering the utmost satisfaction for both our esteemed clients and valued candidates.

We not only listen attentively to the insights of our customers but also swiftly integrate their feedback with a sense of urgency.

Our pursuit of excellence extends to our commitment to attracting and retaining the brightest, most adept, and industrious candidates who share a resolute alignment with our clients' missions.

Our collaborative endeavors are exclusively reserved for clients whose aspirations resonate with our own, giving Cullinan Search an added layer of passion when sourcing for diverse positions.

Through thoughtful consultations, we custom-tailor solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs, ensuring optimal outcomes. In our universe, the nucleus is unquestionably our valued customers, for whom we go the extra mile to create a transformative experience.

Ensuring contentment among those who utilize our services ranks among our paramount objectives.

Saving time

In today's competitive business landscape, the luxury of leaving a job vacancy open for too long is simply not an option for most companies.

Our aim is to find the perfect fit for our clients as efficiently as possible, preventing undue stress on existing employees and ensuring uninterrupted business success.

In some cases, this significantly reduces the time-to-hire from weeks to just days, without compromising on the quality of candidates.

Our expertise allows us to maintain a steady pipeline of thoroughly vetted candidates, generally ready for immediate consideration.

At Cullinan Search, we recognize these challenges, which is why we offer a comprehensive and tailored outsourcing solution for hiring needs, we handle this process seamlessly from start to finish, freeing up our clients' employees to be able to focus on core business operations.

Moreover, coordinating schedules with executives adds another layer of complexity.

The conventional hiring process, involving sourcing from job boards, reviewing numerous resumes, conducting pre-screens, and arranging interviews, can be time-consuming and exhaustive for the internal team members involved.

We understand the burden this places on existing employees, as they bear the brunt of additional responsibilities to compensate for the unfilled position.

Reduce staff turnover rates & save costs

High staff turnover rates can be a significant drain on a company's resources, and the true cost of replacing employees can be elusive, with proven studies revealing expenses ranging from £15,000 to £50,000, or more.

Our approach can include technical, intangible, and cultural vetting, ensuring that we present only the most suitable candidates to our clients whom have the potential to contribute to their long term success.

At Cullinan Search, we offer a comprehensive and meticulous hiring process which brings us a much lower risk of a bad hire.

Finding the right hire from the outset is paramount to avoid these costly pitfalls.

This vicious cycle can be detrimental to an organization's overall success.

Moreover, employee turnover results in reduced productivity and directly affects morale among the remaining staff who invested time and effort in the training and development of the departed employee.

The repercussions of a poor hire go beyond financial implications, encompassing the loss of time, resources, and the need for a replacement.

When businesses face sudden talent acquisition and onboarding costs, including weeks of orientation, training, and ramp-up time, the impact on the bottom line can be substantial.

Support in securing a candidate

At Cullinan Search, we don't simply excel at finding the perfect candidate for your organization; we are experts in securing your top choice as well.

We take pride in making the opportunity offered abundantly clear leaving no stone unturned, ensuring candidates fully comprehend the potential and opportunity within an organization we have agreed to work with.

With a focus on fostering mutually beneficial agreements, we strive to create a win-win scenario for our clients and the candidates.

Moreover, our skills in negotiating competitive salary and benefits packages for the right talent ensure the best outcome for both parties involved.

Our team boasts extensive experience in negotiation, adeptly handling potential counteroffers from competing employers vying for the same candidate.

3 month candidate free replacement guarantee

We have steadfast confidence in our expertise, meticulous vetting procedures, and our proactive approach to candidate placement.

As a testament to our commitment, we proudly extend a 3 month candidate free replacement guarantee.

In the highly improbable event that a candidate, for any unforeseen reason, is found incompatible with the assigned position, we are committed to sourcing a replacement providing a seamless transition without any additional charges incurred by our client.

World renowned candidate screening, vetting and testing systems available to our clients*

We possess a suite of cutting-edge technological tools for screening, testing, and evaluating candidates.

Furthermore, we offer unit testing for computing and programming proficiency, intelligence and achievement assessments to gauge suitability for specific roles, job knowledge tests to ascertain a candidate's comprehensive understanding of their applied position, and to measure their investment in the role.

Our clients have the option and opportunity to harness these resources to enhance their candidate selection process should they wish.

We're equipped to conduct various assessments such as personality evaluations, emotional intelligence tests, projective testing, and integration assessments.

These evaluations provide insights into a candidate's alignment with company culture, thinking patterns, and personality traits in great detail.

We also utilize integrity testing to predict a candidate's potential growth within the company over time.

Cognitive ability tests are employed to delve deeper into a candidate's task performance potential, while skills assessment tests aid in the selection process by evaluating specific competencies.

A boutique and finely tailored recruitment system specially made to meet your business needs

We carefully choose our collaborators to dedicate ample time to each client, ensuring the delivery of optimal service.

This approach prevents us from stretching ourselves thin, safeguarding the integrity of our company and services.

Our commitment to this strategy guarantees that our clients receive a bespoke recruitment solution, meticulously crafted to align with their unique business needs, fulfilling all objectives seamlessly.

Such a personalized approach not only cultivates satisfaction but also ensures our clients' utmost contentment.

cookies of different flavours showing how we like to spoil our clients now and again
cookies of different flavours showing how we like to spoil our clients now and again

We take a lot of pleasure in delighting our clients, consistently surpassing expectations to bring smiles to their faces.

Our commitment extends far beyond the successful placement phase – it encompasses the unexpected moments when we arrange thoughtful gestures and gifts taking into consideration our clients diets and other followings ensuring we specially pick things we know our clients can enjoy, simply to remind our clients of our appreciation of them and their value to us.

Drawing from our own firsthand experiences of receiving such acts of kindness, we grasp the profound impact they have on team morale and overall ambiance.

Guided by these experiences, we aim to bestow this same sense of joy upon our clients, aspiring to evoke in them the same emotions that inspire us.

a chocolate fountain with marshmallows ready to be eaten showing how we like to treat our clients
a chocolate fountain with marshmallows ready to be eaten showing how we like to treat our clients
a cake signifying how we like to treat and spoil our clients as we care about them
a cake signifying how we like to treat and spoil our clients as we care about them
an illustration of gift cards which signifies we like to give gift cards to our clients to show a token of our appreciation
an illustration of gift cards which signifies we like to give gift cards to our clients to show a token of our appreciation

Importantly, it's essential to emphasize that we give without anticipation of reciprocation.

Our clients are under no obligation to engage our services – our primary goal is to infuse positivity into their demanding days, even if it's through the simplicity of a smile.

The fulfilment we derive from these small yet meaningful actions fuels our ongoing commitment and we hope the good we try to spread in the world helps.

We like to spoil our clients!

Specialist Industry knowledge

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, perks and salaries, it can be challenging for employers to keep up with the market standards.

With Cullinan Search by their side, employers are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the job market and secure the ideal candidates for their organization, fostering long-term success and growth.

By knowing the current rates for the positions they intend to hire, employers gain a significant help, empowering them throughout the hiring process, from obtaining approvals to conducting successful offer negotiations.

Armed with this knowledge, employers can better manage their expectations and make informed adjustments if necessary.

We conduct our own local market benchmarking and curate comprehensive salary guides, providing valuable insights into the type and caliber of candidates that can be realistically attracted with the offered compensation packages.

However, partnering with Cullinan Search simplifies this process and brings ease to understanding the prevailing benchmarks.

This is what we do, we're here for you.